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Ainslie, ACT
Vacancies: 1
Burnie, TAS
Vacancies: 1
Frankston, VIC
Vacancies: 1
Hull Street, TAS
Vacancies: 1
Huon Valley, TAS
Vacancies: 2
Marion, SA
Vacancies: 3
Melton, VIC
Vacancies: 2
Mount Gambier, SA
Vacancies: 3
Narrabri, NSW
Vacancies: 4
North Melbourne, VIC
Vacancies: 4
Richmond, VIC
Vacancies: 4

Abbeyfield 101 – Let’s talk about the basics.

Features of an Abbeyfield House are:

  • Ten residents share a spacious purpose built house.
  • The houses are integrated into the streetscape and are non-institutional in design and operation.
  • Every resident has a private and comfortable bedroom sitter (with ensuite).
  • A guest room is available for visiting family and friends.
  • The house has a fully furnished lounge room, dining room, and laundry. Residents furnish their private bedrooms and ensuite.
  • Nutritious midday and evening meals are prepared daily (weekdays) by a live-in house keeper. Breakfast provisions are also provided. (A single meal is served on Saturdays and Sundays, and provisions for provided for other meals.)
  • Every Abbeyfield House has a 'live–in' professional housekeeper. The housekeeper keeps the common areas of the house spics and span, does the shopping and cooks superb meals! An Abbeyfield Housekeepers is a valued employee but their role does not include being a maid or butler to residents.
  • Residents must maintain and clean their own private room / ensuite and do their own laundry.
  • Residents must abide by House rules centered on respect for other residents and the house. Residents are encouraged to participate in house life and sometimes assist with minor house keeping chores.
  • Abbeyfield disAbility houses (Curtin ACT, Marion SA and soon Goulburn NSW) cater brilliantly for residents with mild intellectual disAbilities.
  • Every Abbeyfield house or hostel is managed by a legally incorporated Association overseen by a local community Committee of Management. It is a local solution to a local need and exists because of our wonderful Abbeyfield volunteers and much community support.
  • An Abbeyfield House is designed to help people stay independent and active in their community, whilst providing some day to day living support.

What does is cost to live in an Abbeyfield House?
  • The fortnightly rent in an Abbeyfield House is based on 70 per cent of the basic aged care pension/disability pension, plus federal rent assistance.
  • The rent covers the majority of household expenses including meals, electricity, property maintenance, heating & cooling, rates and employment of the Housekeeper. Residents must pay for any personal items (such as clothing, toiletries, insurance of personal belongings, and laundry detergents etc. If a resident has a private telephone, then he/she also pays all costs associated with it.)

What an Abbeyfield House is. What an Abbeyfield House is not.
  • An Abbeyfield house is an ordinary house in an ordinary street
  • An Abbeyfield House is not an aged care facility. (Though there are three excellent aged care Hostels within the Abbeyfield Australia group.)
  • An Abbeyfield house is a not-for-profit charitable entity
  • An Abbeyfield house is not designed or resourced to provide personal or medical care (though these services can usually be readily organized by regular HACC service providers). Residents must be able to manage their own personal care needs.
  • An Abbeyfield house provides companionship and a home in which to live with dignity, self respect and independence
  • An Abbeyfield house is non-denominational. All people of all cultures, religions or persuasions are welcome!
More information:
The Abbeyfield Model (PDF 84Kb)
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