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Code of Ethical Conduct
Tuesday, 12 July, 2016    Author: Chris Reside

Abbeyfield Australia’s Code of Ethical Conduct provides the framework of ethical behaviour for all directors, Committee of Management members, volunteers and staff across the national Abbeyfield Australia organisation.

It’s an important document and establishes seven key standards / principles of ethical behaviour to guide all Abbeyfield stakeholders in meeting our governance and good business practice obligations. They are Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Accountability, Confidentiality, Objectivity and Respectfulness.

These guiding principles are to be embedded into the culture and practice of Abbeyfield in Australia and the way we conduct our business. All Abbeyfield stakeholders are required to be familiar with the Code of Ethical Conduct and to practise the principles it espouses..

The Code of Ethical Conduct is available within the Abbeyfield Australia Policy and Procedure Manual which can be downloaded from the public library page of the Abbeyfield Australia website.

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