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Ainslie, ACT
Vacancies: 1
Burnie, TAS
Vacancies: 1
Frankston, VIC
Vacancies: 1
Hull Street, TAS
Vacancies: 1
Huon Valley, TAS
Vacancies: 2
Marion, SA
Vacancies: 3
Melton, VIC
Vacancies: 2
Mount Gambier, SA
Vacancies: 3
Narrabri, NSW
Vacancies: 4
North Melbourne, VIC
Vacancies: 4
Richmond, VIC
Vacancies: 4

About Abbeyfield

Abbeyfield provides affordable housing for older people and people with disabilities who wish to live independently within a supportive environment.

Abbeyfield Australia is the peak body representing and supporting local Abbeyfield societies. We are committed to the development of sustainable community-based housing.

Our vision

For people to have the choice of living in Abbeyfield housing which supports their independence and life choices.

Our mission

To ensure the sustainability and development of Abbeyfield housing.

Abbeyfield Australia’s role

Abbeyfield Australia’s role is to:

  • Work strategically with governments at all levels, with local communities, and with other stakeholders to promote and grow the Abbeyfield model
  • Provide support to local groups who aspire to initiate, develop and manage houses using the Abbeyfield model
  • Develop policies and guidelines to support existing Abbeyfield societies
  • Provide specialist advice and services regarding legal, financial, regulatory, and organisational management issues to Abbeyfield societies
  • Ensure legal, regulatory, and fiduciary compliance, responsibility and best practice within Abbeyfield Australia as well as across all Abbeyfield societies to protect organisational viability and foster better outcomes for people who live in Abbeyfield houses
  • Organise forums and meetings to share ideas and promote ongoing learning.

Abbeyfield’s principles for local societies

  • Abbeyfield houses provide appropriate, affordable group housing for people who seek companionship and support in the community in which they live
  • Houses are planned, designed and furnished to ensure a comfortable environment which provides privacy and security
  • Houses are established and operated by local community-based societies that are responsible for the day to day operation of the house and the wellbeing of the residents and staff
  • Residents participate in the management of their houses, and in the decision making
  • Residents are independent, have control over their own lives, and are provided with the information and assistance needed to retain their independence and freedom
  • Residents, staff and volunteers acknowledge the necessity of maintaining an appropriate balance between the rights and responsibilities of individual residents and the rights and responsibilities of the all residents in an Abbeyfield house
  • Residents are free to enjoy their own independent relationships with family and friends, and their own social, cultural, religious and leisure activities.
  • Abbeyfield uses effective and appropriate management practices in relation to its administration, communication and human resources.
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